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I am a fairly new student in Andie's class.  I love this class!  I learned so much in a short period of time.  Andie is not only a very patient teacher, but also a very gifted one.  Every week I look forward to the class like it is my little oasis.  It is my definition of doing something good for ME.

Lynn Foshee

After retiring from veterinary medicine, I decided it was time to wake up the right side of my brain, and boy did I ever!  I have so enjoyed the ease and diversity of colored pencil medium.  Thanks, Andie, for sharing your expertise and keen eye for color.

Linda Palmer

It's about learning how to see all over again!  I began by noticing the subtle changes in hue and texture in photographs.  Andie guided me through the process of translating what I saw into colors on a page.  But something more happened - I began embracing the richness of color all around me.  Maybe it was the multitude of greens in the trees in my backyard or the rosiness of my grandson's cheeks after a morning playing outside in the snow.  I learn techniques and skills each week in class, but I take away so much more.

Janet Reed

I have been taking colored pencil drawing classes and workshops from Andie for about 2 years. I have learned so much, and I continue to learn something new each time I come. Andie’s home studio is beautiful, comfortable, and a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which to learn and draw. Andie is very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Working with the other students is inspiring. The classes are so enjoyable that students keep coming back for more. It’s like therapy!

Barb Ball

I have taken art classes from Andie for 4 years.  Andie has the gift of really being able to bring out hidden talent that people don’t even know they have.  It is so interesting to see the finished work that I and the other students are able to produce with her patient instruction.  Whether I am in a specialized workshop or a regular class, she always gives everyone a lot of individual attention.  I am convinced that she is able to teach anyone to draw who has any interest in art.  She makes the process very enjoyable.

Joy Wheeler

As a retired elementary school teacher going on my third year as a student in Andie’s class, I can attest to her teaching methods as I’ve not had an art class since I was 14 yrs. old. Truly, I’ve amazed myself and my family as they have marveled at my work. Andie offers kind encouragement and instruction that is cooperative in nature. Colors are discussed and techniques are explored together which leads to a finished product whose primary ownership is that of the student.

Sarah Knight Adamson

The classes that I have taken with Andie have allowed for expression of artist creativity  and  the learning different art techniques.  The supportiveness of Andie and the 
other students allows one to feel comfortable in expression of talent  and feelings about art and the creative process.  It is nice to note that friendships have also formed and grown in the classes.

Rosemarie Frey

Andria is a very talented artist, as well as a wonderful teacher. I have taken many drawing classes with her. She was able to bring out my drawing skills that had been hidden for a long time.  I would highly recommend her for Commissions work and Classes. 

Cheryl Schermerhorn
Andria Burchett

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