Adult Classes

Adult classes are $155 for a five-week session. See the calendar for upcoming sessions. Use the link below to register.

Learning to Draw

Learning to draw is like learning to do almost anything. You just need to be taught how. After you have trained your eye to see line and space, you will discover how the strength of lights and darks can construct form. Proceeding at your own pace, you will combine a variety of techniques into a finished project.

Introduction to Colored Pencil

After acquiring basic drawing skills, you are ready to incorporate techniques of mixing and blending color. You will train your eye to discern which hues must be combined in multiple layers to create richness in your work.

Independent Projects

This is an opportunity for students with individual projects to receive focused instruction on their choice of subject and technique.

Andria Burchett
Beech Tree Studio
in Geneva

Michiyo Fullerton
Beech Tree Studio
in Montgomery

Anne Bernstein
Beech Tree Studio
in Shorewood

Jan DeFily
Beech Tree Studio
in Elgin

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Andria Burchett

Beech Tree Studio

2219 Kings Ct.
Geneva, Il 60134


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Beech Tree Studio

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